Further to my post last week apologies but there have been changes throughout the week that have caused us to change our plans.
The major change is that the 1st XV at the club are through to the playoff for promotion and are hosting Stowmarket and this is scheduled to kick off at 2.30pm . A great opportunity to watch the 1st XV at home in a competitive match.
We have taken the decision to do our small pre school rugby for children demonstration prior to the kick off of this match at around 2.10pm .
The club are hoping that the Police Helicopter will be arriving around 2pm.

Given all of this please feel free to join us from around 1.45pm in order that we can see the numbers we have.
We do also need a few more volunteers to man the Bouncy Castle, thank you to those who have already volunteered but it would be nice to have a few more to limit the amount of time spent on the Castle !
Following the first team match there will be another freindly match followed by a live band in the bar later.
Would appreciate advising us if you can help out (if you have not already done so)
Any problems please let me know.