RUGGERBUGS Pre-School Rugby

Joining Ruggerbugs

RUGGERBUGS provides fun, exciting and educational sports sessions for little ones from Walking to 6 Years (end of School Year 1).

At RUGGERBUGS, we believe in giving children a Fun and positive introduction to sport, whilst enhancing their physical and social development.

Focusing on learning through play, our Head Start Programme not only encourages your child to become more confident and co-ordinated, but also creates an unforgettable and memorable experience.

Membership Terms and Conditions apply

Ruggerbugs Ants gives 2.5 years to 3.5 years children a FUN and positive introduction to sport whilst enhancing their physical and social development.


£3500one off
  • With over 15 years’ experience we understand that any new activity whilst exciting can be a challenge for both children and parents.
  • Our tried and tested “4 Week Introduction” give you and your little one the chance to TRY out the sessions, learn a bit more about RUGGERBUGS and see first-hand the benefits RUGGERBUGS offers your child’s personal development before becoming a member.
  • At the end of the Introduction your little one will be automatically invited to enrol as a RUGGERBUGS Member.
  • Not every child will take to the sessions immediately, but we are confident that in time and with a little perseverance your child will not only have FUN but benefit from attending our award-winning programme on a regular basis.
  • Give your child the “Head Start” they need today!


£3999incl P&P
  • Once your little one has completed their introduction, they are invited to become a member of the RUGGERBUGS family.
  • For an initial payment of £39.99* your child will receive a RUGBYTASTIC Membership Pack:
  • A Sidney Sticker / Alphabet Chart – to collect their stickers.
  • Members Booklet giving all information about special events and our unique Sidney Skills to track your child’s progress
  • Weekly, Seasonal & Special Event Stickers.
  • Sidney Skill Certificates for each stage completed.
  • 10% discount when booking a RUGGERBUGS Party.
  • Insurance cover for all sessions.
  • Member Access to RUGGERBUGS events.
  • A free transfer to another RUGGERBUGS centre – if you move house or change your RUGGERBUGS location.
  • *All prices are inclusive of post and packaging.


£3500Monthly (over 12 months)
  • Your next month of sessions is added to the Initial Membership Enrolment fee at the time of joining.
  • After that we make the cost of your little one’s sessions going forward easier to pay by spreading the weekly cost over 11 months via Direct Debit.
  • Sessions run for 45 weeks per year and monthly fees are £35.00
  • By spreading the cost, it means you pay a little less each month than the £9.33 weekly session fee.
  • We really hope you see RUGGERBUGS as an investment in your little ones, journey of personal development, however, we recognise that circumstances do change and so all we ask for is a minimum commitment of one term (15wks) upon joining.
  • If you decide to leave after this time, we ask for 30 days written cancellation which allows us to calculate any final payments due.