RUGGERBUGS Pre-School Rugby
Ruggerbugs gives children from first walking to the end of their Year 1 at school a FUN and positive introduction to sport whilst enhancing their physical and social development.


To find your nearest class, click HERE and type in your postcode or town name.

This will display the closest centre to you, click on the link to open the centre page which will provide you with times, classes and links for booking.

Our sessions run for 45 weeks per annum. These are spilt into 3 Terms (Autumn, Winter/Spring, Summer).

We take a break from sessions for Christmas/New Year, Easter and August.

We run through the half term school holidays as usual.

You “kick off” your little one’s journey with an Introductory 4 Week Trial.

These 4 consecutive sessions give you and your little one the chance to TRY out the sessions, learn a bit more about RUGGERBUGS and see first-hand the benefits we offer for your child’s personal development.

At the end of the Trial your little one will be automatically invited to enrol as a RUGGERBUGS Member.

An Introductory 4 Week Trial = £35.00

RUGGERBUGS Membership Enrolment = £49.00

Monthly Fees = £32.35 payable via Direct Debit (the first month is added to the enrolment fee)

(Initial Membership enrolment is £81.35 (incl P&P) followed by 11 payments of £32.35 via direct debit)

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Throughout the trial period we will keep in touch with you on a weekly basis to see how your little one is getting on.

At the end of the period, we will automatically reserve your child a space in the class and send you a Membership Enrolment E-mail with a link for payment.


  • Next 4 Weeks of sessions,
  • Membership Booklet,
  • A bespoke RUGGERBUGS kit, ball and bag,
  • A Sidney Sticker / Alphabet Chart & weekly, seasonal & special Event Stickers,
  • A Sidney Skills chart to track your child’s progress & practise at home,
  • Sidney Skill Certificates for each stage completed,
  • 10% discount when booking a RUGGERBUGS Party.
  • Insurance cover for all sessions.
  • Member access to RUGGERBUGS events.
  • A free transfer to another RUGGERBUGS centre – if you move or change your RUGGERBUGS location.

Once you have enrolled your little one as a member, payment for sessions is via a monthly direct debit of £32.35.

The cost of classes = £8.63 per week.

We have made the cost of your little one’s sessions easier to pay by spreading payments over 11 months via Direct Debit following your initial enrolment. This means that you pay a lesser amount each month than the actual cost of classes. If you leave within a 12-month period, there may be a final payment due to cover the shortfall of fees.

Unfortunately, we do not provide credits for missed sessions.

In the event that we have to cancel a session we will advise parents via e-mail / text message as soon as possible.

A credit will be applied and carried over to the following term.

In the event of an official National Lockdown, we will move sessions online and provide parents with a weekly recorded / live session and activity booklet for their little ones to complete at home.

Monthly fees will be reduced by 50% for the duration of the lockdown. Cancellation terms will still apply.

Upon Enrolment the minimum commitment is 15 weeks (1 term), thereafter Membership can be cancelled at any time with 30-days written notice to

We ask for 30 days-notice in order that we can process your cancellation, work out if any final payment is due, confirm your child’s leaving date and say goodbye to them.

We offer a 10% discount on monthly class fees for 3 or more siblings.

Classes are normally held indoors in sports halls, schools, leisure centres, church halls etc as they provide a safe and secure environment for the children.

We may on occasions, subject to venue availability / weather take the children outside.

All our coaches have been through the detailed “Head Start” training programme that is completed 6 months from when they join.

RUGGERBUGS also offer first aid courses and rugby courses to those who wish to progress further in training.

At least one member of staff will be first aid trained and on site at all times.

All Lead Coaches hold a current DBS Certificate.

There is NO physical contact (i.e. tackling) in RUGGERBUGS classes.

Sessions are Play based and focus on developing and enhancing key motor skills such as passing, kicking, catching, running, agility, awareness of space and balance.

All of our equipment is child friendly and age appropriate.

We agree with the Rugby Football Union (RFU) Continumn that children do not start playing rugby until they reach Year 2 (U7’s).

Our unique RUGGERBUGS ‘Head Start’™ programme is a structured physical play programme that assists with a child’s Early Years Foundation Stage development and centres on developing basic motor skills through running, jumping, throwing and catching games. Valuable life skills are gently introduced and developed throughout the programme ensuring children not only benefit from increased stamina but also confidence and self-esteem all of which is vital for a healthy lifestyle.

RUGGERBUGS delivers it’s informal yet professional programme through the use of a rugby ball. Rugby is fun and RUGGERBUGS provides a ‘Head Start’™ into the wonderful game by not only equipping children with basic skills they can go onto develop at school or club level but also evoking a great sense of discipline and camaraderie.

Our programme starts from walking to 6 years and is spilt as follows:

CATERPILLARS – Walking to 2.5yrs (children should be walking confidently)

ANTS – 2.5-3.5yrs

LADYBIRDS – 3.5yrs-School



Some centres may run combined age classes – these will be shown at the time of booking.

For more information about classes click HERE

We aim for 16 children per class with two coaches.

In the younger classes, approximately 30% are girls.

In the older classes, this drops to around 20%.

For our CATERPILLARS / ANTS classes the session lasts 30-35 minutes.

For our LADYBIRDS classes the session lasts 35-40 minutes.

For our BEETLES / GRASSHOPPERS classes the session lasts 40-45 minutes.

In our youngest CATERPILLARS / ANTS classes 100% parent participation is required to assist with a child’s understanding and completion of the activities.

In the LADYBIRDS class (3.5yrs-school), some children will need parent participation however we do suggest that parents try and give them some space to build their confidence.

In the BEETLES and GRASSHOPPER classes, the focus is on building independence and confidence so there is very little parent participation although the coaches might ask you to get involved for one game to make it FUN for the RUGGERBUGS or to provide an extra challenge!

The coaching element is very important in RUGGERBUGS sessions. For many children this will probably be the first structured play session they have done before so as well as having FUN the RUGGERBUGS learn our core skills which are Respect, Teamwork, Discipline and Camaraderie.

In the Beetles and Grasshopper classes, the sessions start to add more of a tag rugby element to them as the children start to learn the tag rugby rules.

Our “Head Start” Programme is a structured 45-week plan that our coaches follow on a weekly basis. The programme has been developed to focus on developing and enhancing a child’s key motor and social skills through play.

There are no expectations placed on a child during the sessions as each child develops at their own pace.

Please remember we are developing or enhancing a child’s skills so they may not be able to complete some of the activities straight away but with regular attendance they will learn and develop these skills which in turn will be build their stamina and confidence.

Please bring a drink for the drinks break and maybe a snack for after the session. oh and of course a really positive attitude.

For our Introductory 4 Week Trials we advise children wear the clothes and footwear they feel most comfortable and confident in.

Make sure footwear is sensible as they will be running around.

Once they become a member, they will receive their RUGGERBUGS kit.

We ask that ALL members wear their kits to sessions as this starts to build a sense of belonging / being part of a team and gets them ready for wearing a uniform / sports wear for school / club activities.

Yes, all parents must remain on site and are responsible for their child at all times. This includes general behaviour, toilet breaks etc.

Yes, you can however please ensure it is just your child in the photo or video as not everyone is comfortable with their children being in other people photos or videos.

Please do not post photos / videos to social media where other children are clearly visible.

Siblings are allowed to attend the sessions but should sit on the side-line. We recommend that you bring some entertainment for them during the class such as a colouring book.

If the sibling is older and sensible, they can help the RUGGERBUG take part in the class, however if they are a hindrance or take part themselves, they will be asked to sit out.

Parents with younger siblings can wear carriers so that they are still able to actively participate.

Please note that siblings are not covered for insurance purposes, if your child has an accident they will not be insured.

At RUGGERBUGS our coaches have a really good relationship with the parents and parents should feel confident to be able to ask the coaches how their child is getting on.

We also give out stickers at the end of each session to reward the RUGGERBUGS on their progress and effort for that class. They can collect these on their Sidney Sticker Charts.

Our unique “Sidney Skills Awards” also give you and our coaches an indication of your child’s physical and social development progression during their RUGGERBUGS journey.

It is about celebrating your child’s personal achievements. They are not in any competition with other children in their class and there is no pressure or timescales placed on your child for completing these levels.

Whilst we would like the children to remain within their relevant peer groups, we recognise that every child is different and develops at their own pace. Our skills chart is therefore an excellent way for us to work together to identify what your child can do, what needs a little more practice and when they are ready to move up to the next class.

As your child progresses through the programme not only will they be developing their physical skills, but they will also be learning valuable life skills.

As they complete each level of the “Sidney Skills Awards” they will receive a special certificate and sticker.

Yes, we operate in the same way as school year groups. This means that each class will move to the next age group at the beginning of each September.

You will receive an e-mail before the start of the autumn term (beginning of September) to advise of your child’s class and time.

There are occasions when a child may move up to the next class mid-term / part way through the year, but these are discussed on an individual basis.

What happens when my child is too old to attend?

Our programme finishes when a child is 6 years / going into Year 2 at school.

At the end of each summer term (July) we hold a special Sidney Graduation Ceremony for these children who will receive a Graduation Certificate and Sticker.

We have found though parent, schools and mini rugby coaches feedback that RUGGERBUGS that complete the “Head Start Programme” have a significantly higher skill set than children that have not gone through the programme.

Our aim for when the children leave us is that they can catch and pass on the move, take a tag and score a try which we are confident that 100% of our RUGGERBUGS can do when they leave and move to a rugby club.

Whilst actively promoting grass roots rugby for boys and girls we also recognises that rugby may not be for everyone, so the physical and social skills it promotes also transfer into sports such as Netball, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Tennis and many more.

Our coaches will deliver any important news / events at the end of each session.

We also use e-mail to communicate / update parents along with a termly Newsletter.

Parents are also advised to like and follow our Social Media pages to keep fully up to date.

We stock a range of RUGGERBUGS merchandise which can be purchased via our webshop.

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We always welcome and value feedback and input from our RUGGERBUGS Parents!

If you have a concern or query and feel it is appropriate, speak to the Lead coach at the centre in order they can try to resolve this and if needs be they can contact the head office and get an answer for you.

If, however, it isn’t appropriate to speak to the lead coach then please contact the Head Office on 01279 797777 or email .

YES, we can offer some great activities to complement your little one’s party. Our members also receive a 10% discount.

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