Age Grade Rugby (AGR) ensures that every player, aged 6 -18 years of age, is able to enjoy rugby in a safe environment where they can develop their personal and social skills as well as a wide array of transferable multi-sports skills.

This results in their holistic development as well as their life long involvement in rugby and other sports.

AGR is the game for all players in clubs, schools, and colleges within the representative pathway and it incorporates the rules of play, regulation, competition formats and the structure of the season.

It is a lot easier to show you how AGR works so below is timeline of what and how Children learn about the game of rugby in a safe and educational manor.

Much like the RUGGERBUGS ‘Head Start Programme’ style, each year delivers a new skill for the Children to learn.

This keeps learning Rugby interesting as the children have something to look forward to as they get older.

Age Grade Rugby – In Detail

(Above) This fantastic tool clearly outlines to parents, peers and anyone involved in rugby the differences between age groups within the game and the steps professionals i.e. coaches have to go to change the game.

This teaching aid helps coaches and parents know the different rules for their children from Under 7s all the way up until Under 18s.

It outlines the details of the game, instructing the amount of players on the pitch, the maximum pitch size for that specific age, the maximum minutes per half and the maximum amount of minutes a child should play per day… Children do get tired too!

The aid also introduces the new rugby laws that they should be learning.

For example at the Under 8 level, the six-tag rule is introduced but then when the Child reaches the Under 9 level, contact and the tackle is safely introduced by the coaches.

The RUGGERBUGS ‘Head Start Programme’ is the beautiful beginning to the Children’s amazing Rugby journey…

…And we are so proud of that.

As previously mentioned, We do not teach Tag Rugby, the children will have years of that still to play, but what we do is give them the skills to be able to catch and pass while on the move and to be able to take a tag.

However, there is so much more a RUGGERBUGS class can offer your child in terms of Motor skill development and social skill development.