At RUGGERBUGS, we know it can be frustrating and sometimes embarrassing for you (parents) to turn up on for your trial or first session and all the RUGGERBUG wants to do is hang onto your leg and cry but don’t worry!

It is perfectly normal. You’re not first parent this is happened too and you certainly won’t be the last.

At RUGGERBUGS all we ask, is for you to be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day and Jonny Wilkinson wasn’t a world class player overnight.

Our coaches are fantastic with helping new RUGGERBUGS settle into the classes and they will do all they can to make sure you feel welcome…

…But do not be afraid to speak to the coaches afterwards if you are concerned, they can offer great advice.

At RUGGERBUGS, we are a family business and we want to help in any way we can.

Strange Environment

For some of the RUGGERBUGS, it can be their first time in a strange environment that could make them feel uncomfortable.

The areas we use (often a School or Community Hall) are normally huge and to the RUGGERBUGS they look even bigger.

The size of the halls can often leave them standing around, staring up in the air in bewilderment.

A good way to deal with this is arrive five or ten minutes early just to get them used to the surroundings/environment.

Doing this for the first couple of weeks would be a good way to start building a relationship with the coaches as well.

One to one relationships can be formed which, in time, will help the RUGGERBUGS adjust to the environment.

They are only Children!

Do not expect the RUGGERBUGS to be able to RUN, JUMP, THROW and CATCH straight away.

Think of it like a weaning process. You would not expect your child to go straight from milk to a roast dinner… they take time to learn the games and develop confidence.

These actions can feel quite weird and with everything else going on etc. the noises, the people and the colours just making one catch and one throw can be a massive step for them.

Yes, it is a small step for you but for them, it is a giant stride into the right direction!

Getting them into a Routine

Whether it is a Trial or your RUGGERBUG’S first day joining, it is a step in the right direction and a new routine.

As a Parent, you may find that routines bore you and perhaps you prefer variety but your child can massively benefit from having routine in their life.

Routines provides a secure foundation on which to build daily activities and fulfil their deep-rooted need for stability.

So what exactly are the benefits?

Advanced Planning – Routines can help you plan your child’s day ahead. You can organise their activities so they have something to look forward to as well as helping them get the best out of each day.

Consistency – Children thrive best on a consistent environment. Of course, they like change and excitement and that is exactly what RUGGERBUGS can be.

A Structured form of weekly play with a variety of different games with some of their favourites thrown in as well can make for a very happy RUGGERBUG.

Control – if your Child has some choice in their routine, for example if they are able to play with toys or read a book before bed, this framework allows them to have some degree of control in their world which can lead to a massive boost in self-esteem.

Keeping to Routines

Once your RUGGERBUGS have established a routine either every Saturday or Sunday, they will start to develop confidence with their peers but with family members as well.

Stronger physical attributes will start to show i.e. faster movements and quicker reactions.

However it is one thing to have routines but quite another to follow them strictly.

At RUGGERBUGS, we find that parents and children that regularly attend show drastic signs of improvement whereas the families that drop in and out every couple of weeks struggle in the classes.

We know life is not perfect and you are not going to be able to make all 42 weeks and do not worry if you miss the odd one here and there, but if you are going on holiday for 2/3 weeks then why not take your Sidney Rugby ball and throw him around the beach or pool?

Your Child’s Development

It is very important to emphasise that all children develop at their own pace and rarely in a constant process.

If you joined at a similar time as another family and their RUGGERBUG is, catching and throwing without help while your Child can barely manage one catch…


This is fine and certainly NOT a problem!

Your RUGGERBUG just needs more time to love, listen and learn.

Regular attendance to our classes will greatly benefit your RUGGERBUG as well as lots of positivity from parents every time they do something right.

A catch, a throw and every balanced beanbag should be celebrated as if they have scored a try in the World Cup Final…

Remember:  “Yes, it is a small step for you but for them, it is a giant stride into the right direction.”

Besides, if every child were perfect our coaches would have nothing to ‘coach’.

Weird Balls…

If you were handed a rugby ball at their age, would you know what to do with it?

It might be your RUGGERBUGS first time holding or seeing a rugby ball… yes it is a weird shape!

(Could they describe the shape?)

The RUGGERBUGS have probably only seen round balls, so do not worry if they do not want to hold it straight away.

Once they see others holding it and throwing it will make them feel much more comfortable.

If it is really a big deal then we have tennis balls and plastic balls your RUGGERBUGS can start with and slowly build their confidence up until they want to use a Rugby Ball.

We want to help them as much as possible and we are willing to give them the time and the equipment they need for them to learn and grow!

It is important to remember that we are a Pre-School Sports Development Company with rugby themed games, in that order.

We want to educate your child, help your child grow and most importantly, we want to give your Child a Head Start.

What does that mean? It means RUGGERBUGS wants to help your child build confidence, boost social skills and help them form respect for the people around them.

We do not just want to teach them rugby skills and it is our educational and child development knowledge that sets us above the rest of the companies.