RUGGEBRUGS is a FUN and exciting pre-school sports development programme based around non-contact rugby for girls and boys aged 18months to Six years.

It is designed to promote a FUN and positive attitude to sport and fitness from an early age.

Established in early 2007, RUGGERBUGS was innovative in developing this toddler activity and is now one of the leading companies in this field and the first established a close association with local rugby clubs to ensure that children can move into Mini/Junior rugby with ease.

RUGGERBUGS gives young children a Fun, SAFE and non – competitive indoor environment to enjoy a regular structured physical activity to make new friends and develop a love of sport

Our Promise to you as parents is to ‘Give your Child a Head Start’ but that is NOT just in Tag Rugby but also in LIFE. This is because we offer so much more than Tag Rugby skills.

Let us be clear. We do NOT teach Tag Rugby, But we DO give your Child a ‘Head Start’ into the wonderful game by not only equipping children with basic skills they can go on to develop at a School or Club level, but also evoking a great sense of discipline and camaraderie.

Our aims for when your RUGGERBUG graduates is that they are able to catch and pass while they are on the move, run and score a TRY and be able to take a tag.

If your RUGGERBUG can do that, while having FUN, then we have done our Job correctly… Hooray!

What we do teach?

We are different from other organisations because we agree with the RFU that rugby is a late developing sport.

Therefore, our classes are designed to sit in front of the RFU continuum to give children to necessary skills so when they do eventually move up to club level, they can put all their skills they have learnt from us and apply them in a competitive environment.

We will explain what the RFU continuum is and how it is involved in your Child’s rugby life but first let us explain how our classes work.

Ants, Ladybirds, Beetles and Beetles Maxi

Our unique ‘Head Start Programme’ assists with a Child’s Early Years Foundation Stage Development (EYFSD) and centres on developing basic motor skills through running, jumping, catching and throwing games with use of a rugby ball.

Valuable life skills such as communication, listening, sharing, taking turns and teamwork are gently introduced and developed throughout the programme ensuring children not only benefit from increased stamina but also confidence and self-esteem all of which are vital for a healthy lifestyle.

We split our RUGGERBUGS up into four classes depending on their age and their ability.  We are aware that children are different in their physical development.

Much like the RFU continuum, each RUGGERBUG will learn new skills as they develop and move up the classes.

Whilst we try to keep the ages together, we are not averse to moving children to their appropriate development level as well to ensure they become confident children with a great self-esteem.

We do this by using our unique Sidney Skills awards and constant reporting from our coaching staff and communication with the guardians.


Age:       18Months – 3 Years

Length: 45 Minutes

Skills:     Run, Jump, Catch and Throw

Our ANTS are the youngest in our programme and with the help of their parents have lots of FUN learning about sport, as we develop their basic motor skills (balance, co-ordination and agility) through FUN and exciting running, jumping, catching and throwing games.

Valuable Life Skills such as sharing, listening and teamwork are also gently encouraged through our “Skills 4 Life” enabling them to develop social skills and confidence.

A bespoke Size 2 ball is introduced to enable the RUGGERBUGS to start holding it properly.


Age:       3 Years – 4 Years

Length: 50 Minutes

Skills:     Run, Clap, Catch, Score

Our LADYBIRDS are starting to gain confidence and increased stamina.

Whilst we still encourage parent participation, our RUGGERBUGS are becoming more independent as we build on their basic motor skills with more challenging Skills, Drills and Games.

As their spatial awareness grows, we introduce more specific rugby based skills (catching, passing, scoring a try, Kicking a rugby ball, evasion) along with the concept of Teamwork through interaction with others during our FUN and exciting sessions.

Our “Skills 4 Life” further develop and enhance their social skills and increase their self-esteem.



Age:       4 Years – 5 Years

Length: 55 Minutes

Skills:     Run, Clap, Catch and Pass

Our BEETLES have developed buckets of confidence and self-esteem and parents can take a well-earned rest on the side.

We build on and enhance their rugby based skills (catching, passing, scoring a try, Kicking a rugby ball, space and evasion) and techniques as well as developing the concept of autonomy to our RUGGERBUGS alongside Teamwork, through small team games and activities.

Skills, Drills and Games sequences become more autonomous to further develop the RUGGERBUGS co-ordination, body awareness and controlled movements.

The aim is to enhance confidence, self –esteem and decision making, in preparation for school and mini rugby ahead.

At this age, our RUGGERBUGS are honing their listening and communication skills by taking direction and social interaction.


Age:       5 Years +

Length: 55 Minutes

Skills:     Run, Catch, Tag and Pass

Our oldest RUGGERBUGS, have nearly completed the “Head Start” Programme and may have already started school.

During these sessions, we focus on more demanding Skills, Drills and Games to benefit the maturing child and bring together all the elements of our programme before they graduate.

Teamwork and Sportsmanship are further enhanced through non-contact basic tagging and evasion games.

These FUN sessions provides a pre-cursor to the RFU Continuum (New rules).

The children will develop their running, passing and scoring technique as well as their decision-making, both in attack and defence and enables a seamless transition to the four-sided game of Tag Rugby when they progress to their local rugby club.