Following the recent launch of the Standing Order Payments we have had a question from a customer so we thought it best to explain how they work.

A Standing Order is set up for £ 24.00 per month to be taken from your bank account on the 4th day of the month for a year. This equates to £ 288.00 per year.

RUGGERBUGS is on for 44 weeks per year at £6pw calculates at £264.00

Annual Membership is £ 29.00 which added to £264.00 Totals £293.00

An additional amount of £ 5.00 would then be payable for your annual Membership.

We have agreed that anyone setting up a standing order will be entitled to a £5.00 discount therefore getting membership for £24.00 per annum superb value considering this includes a new kit which retails at £25.00.

For further information either contact the RUGGERBUGS Head Office or download the attached Standing order form.

Standing Order Template Mar 2011